Welcome to Port Renfrew Resorts

Our resort is located on the waterfront of Port San Juan, beautifully located facing the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The main building, which houses the restaurant and pub, is on the site of the original hotel, lost to a fire in the early 1920’s and replaced in 1927 until being demolished and newly rebuilt in 2006 at the present day location. Here you can sit and enjoy great company and a local brew in the pub or a delicious meal in the waterfront restaurant.

Warm and inviting waterfront cabins are located on land originally cleared by the Gordon River Iron Ore Company in the 1890’s where they built a wharf, store and hotel. Strategically located, the resort represents the jumping off place for more than 75 miles of marine trails and marine parks which surround the town of Port Renfrew and the Bay of Port San Juan.


We offer cabins and room accommodations. The cabin accommodations are warm and inviting with majestic scenic ocean front views of the Port of San Juan Bay.


Pub & Restaurant

The main building on the original hotel site is now the location for the Restaurant and Pub only.

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